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At KURPAS Australian Cattle Dogs, we are dedicated to breeding dogs who are both mentally and physically sound, who meet the Australian Cattle Dog Standard.

All of our dogs used in our breeding program are carefully screened for genetic problems. It is one of our top priorities to produce healthy, trouble-free puppies. Prior to breeding, all of our dogs are x-rayed. Then by the age of 28 months are certified clear of hip dysplasia by the OFA. All are also PRCD blood tested & examined every 2 - 3 years by a board certified ophthalmologist and CERF. certified.

We only breed a few times a year, and each litter is carefully and lovingly raised in our home. The puppies get a lot of attention and are well socialized, by children as well as adults, by the time they are old enough to leave for their new homes. A good foundation is laid for whatever future endeavor lies ahead of each pup.

ACD's are not lazy, lay-around type dogs, and ours are no exception. They are very intelligent and have normal energy levels for this breed. They are not a breed for everyone, and a lot of care is taken to match the personality of each puppy to its new owner. It is of the utmost importance that each owner of one of our puppies is completely happy with their puppy, because buying a puppy is a
lifetime commitment to the dog. Our dogs live long lives, and we want them, as well as their new owners, to be very happy too.

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